Continuing professional developmentDesign of Piping Systems


Delegates are provided with a broad understanding of the various aspects of design and analysis of piping systems. Basic concepts in pipework design and analysis are addressed including an overview of the design and analysis sections of Codes BS806, ANSI B31.1, B31.3, and EN 13480.

Flexibility analysis of piping systems and computer software is also employed. Behaviour of components includes straight pipes, elbows and branches.

The implementation of these approaches in the Codes is also covered. This particular course has a wide appeal to all engineers associated with the design of piping systems.


17th-18th June 2024


On campus at University of Strathclyde



Experience required

This highly popular course will be particularly appropriate for those engineers or managers who are presently responsible for the safe design and assessment of piping systems.

It has also been found useful by piping draughtsmen and technicians wishing to enhance their understanding of the behaviour of piping systems. It is anticipated that delegates should hold an engineering degree or have been involved in the design of vessels and pipework, or have an interest in the subject.