Faculty of EngineeringIndustrial Doctorate Programme

Industrial Doctorate Programme

An Industrial Doctorate is an opportunity for people currently in employment to undertake an industrial-focused three year equivalent research project where you’ll be jointly supervised by your employer and the University, allowing you to get a PhD education while in employment.

The programme

The Industrial Doctorate Programme is for employees who are carrying out high quality research in the normal course of their work. It allows you to register for, and obtain a PhD degree from the University of Strathclyde.

The aim is to establish cooperation between Strathclyde, a company and an employee/researcher, on a specific project that is of high value to each of the participating parties. The project serves to bridge the gap between industry and academia.

How does it work?

You'll focus your research on industrial issues relevant to the company

You will remain in your current employment during the entire programme, while being registered as a PhD student at the University.
You’ll focus your research on industrial issues or problems relevant to your company (probably on a topic that you are already working on) and will be jointly supervised by experts from your company and the University.
Usually, you’ll spend all of your working time on the research project and PhD education and will carry out the project within the company premises.  Where appropriate, you might attend the University to carry out some aspects of the research.
Most students undertaking an Industrial Doctorate do so on a part-time basis which allows you to blend the research with the business needs of your company.
The Industrial Doctorate Programme is subject to the full requirements of a conventional PhD in terms of regulations, academic rigour, supervision and examination, administration and fees.

Benefits to candidates

One of the main advantages of this programme is that your research will be conducted in the workplace. This means you’ll not have to give up your existing job to further your education to PhD level; a restriction for many potential students.

Benefits to industry

The company will gain valuable knowledge

The company you work for will be able to access the valuable knowledge gained by you during your studies.

They will also engage with world leading researchers/innovators at Strathclyde who work within the engineering areas of interest to them.

Building productive working relationships

The programme will create growth in the business community through the cooperation on research and innovation between the University and the partnering company.

In addition, it will allow knowledge transfer and networking between partnering companies and researchers within the Engineering Faculty at Strathclyde, and wider afield as they engage with our extensive networks.