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Academic Promotion

Promotion from Lecturer A to Lecturer B

Staff wishing to apply for promotion to Lecturer B (which considered by Faculty Review, rather than APAP) should use the following documents:

Promotion from Lecturer A to B Criteria 

Academic Career Development Framework

Promotion from Lecturer 7 (AK07) to Lecturer 8 (AK08) Form


Senior Academic Promotion: Key Dates and Documents

The Academic Professional promotions process (known as APAP – Academic Professional Appointments Panel) applies to:

  • Promotion to:
    • Academic: Senior Lecturer (Grade 9), Reader (Grade 10), Professor;
    • Teaching: Teaching Fellow (Grade 8), Senior Teaching Fellow (Grade 9); Principal Teaching Fellow (Grade 10); Professor of Learning and Teaching;
    • Research: Research Fellow (Grade 8), Senior Research Fellow (Grade 9); Principal Research Fellow (Grade 10);
    • Knowledge Exchange: Knowledge Exchange Fellow (Grade 8), Senior Knowledge Exchange Fellow (Grade 9); Principal Knowledge Exchange Fellow (Grade 10); Professor of Practice
  • Transfers to the Academic staff category at Senior Lecturer level (Grade 9) and above for staff whose posts are currently assigned to a staff category other than Academic; and
  • Conferment of Emeritus Professor status.

The timetable for the next round of APAP is set out below:

Heads of Department/School send APAP recommendations to Executive Deans 06 September 2023
Faculty Panel send APAP recommendations to Human Resources ( 02 October 2023
Pre-Panel assessment meeting 30 October 2023
APAP Panel assessment meeting 05 December 2023


APAP: Procedure and Guidance

Please take the time to read the procedure and guidance before applying.

Promotion Procedure for Senior Academic Professional Staff

APAP Guidance


APAP: Indicators of Requirements

Promotion applications will be considered against the Indicators of Requirement for promotion the relevant job family:

Indicators of Requirements for Senior Academic Promotions

Indicators of Requirements for RS TS and KE Staff  

*Please note that the Indicators of Requirement and the Application form for Learning and Teaching staff have been updated as of January 2023. If you do not see the current version, please clear your cached images and files from your browsing data


APAP: Self-Assessment Form

Staff considering a promotion application may find it useful to use the self-assessment form relevant to their job family:

FORM APAP1(a) Academic APAP Applicant Self Assessment
FORM APAP1(b) Research APAP Applicant Self Assessment
FORM APAP1(c) Teaching APAP Applicant Self Assessment
FORM APAP1(d) Knowledge Exchange APAP Applicant Self Assessment


APAP: Application Form

Staff wishing to make a promotion application should use the application form relevant to their job family.  The attached CV should follow the template below:

APAP Template Academic CV
FORM APAP2(a) Academic APAP Applicant Submission
FORM APAP2(b) Research APAP Applicant Submission
FORM APAP2(c) Teaching APAP Applicant Submission
FORM APAP2(d) Knowledge Exchange APAP Applicant Submission


Emeritus Professor Form

APAP also considers applications for the title of ‘Emeritus Professor’.  Applications should be made on the following form:

Emeritus Professor Title Form


Further information

If you have any queries, please contact the HR team for your area.