Wind turbines in the sunset

Centre for Interdisciplinary Sustainable Practices of Research in EnergyC-INSPRE

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Sustainable Practices of Research in Energy was founded by multidisciplinary experts in energy research (Dr. Aruna Ivaturi , Dr. David Comerford , Dr. Matthew Eisler and Dr. Stuart Robertson) in 2019 to provide holistic postgraduate training in energy science, technology, and policy. It provides opportunities for doctoral students from different backgrounds to consider how other disciplines perceive energy-related problems and to plan interdisciplinary collaborations in solving them.

C-INSPRE engages all four faculties of the University of Strathclyde in cultivating a broad-based curriculum that enables graduate to work and communicate with a range of other experts and stakeholders and translate knowledge derived from many contexts into outcomes.

C-INSPRE's research programme is wide-ranging and embraces everything from the economics of green energy to materials science to energy policy and the social relations of interdisciplinarity in a host of energy-related fields.