Confucius Institute for Scotlands Schools About us

Our vision is to promote and support the delivery of high quality Chinese language learning, enabling Scotland's children and young people to learn about their roles and responsibilities in a globally interdependent world.

The Confucius Institute for Scotland’s Schools based in SCILT at the University of Strathclyde is a national centre, funded by the Scottish Government and Hanban/the Confucius Institute Headquarters of China. 

By learning about Chinese language and culture through the Scottish and Chinese landscapes, Scotland's young people can become better global citizens, develop key skills for life and work and make a significant contribution to a fairer, smarter, more successful Scotland.

We aim to ensure learners are culturally and environmentally aware and prepared to make decisions for a just, sustainable world for future generations. This includes awareness of climate change in Scotland, China and globally in order to reinforce the role of every citizen in protecting and conserving our planet in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Aims

  • to provide strategic leadership and direction to the Confucius Classroom Hubs.
  • to support teachers, local authorities, families and communities to create the climate in which learning Chinese is valued as a key skill of life and work.
  • to use Learning for Sustainability to promote the learning of Mandarin as a key skill that benefits Scottish society.
  • to build and develop effective, efficient and collaborative partnerships in Scotland, in China and beyond.
  • to provide key information about the learning of Chinese language and culture.
  • to embed Scottish goverment policy priorities through the medium of teaching Chinese language and culture.

Our Partnership Agreements

  • strengthen educational cooperation between China and Scotland
  • support and promote development of Chinese language education
  • increase mutual understanding among young people in China and Scotland

The Confucius Institute for Scotland's Schools was established in 2012 in partnership with Tianjin Education Commission.

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