About Us

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Who we are

CISS Alumni are a team of young, highly motivated members that hold a passion for learning Mandarin and creating China-related opportunities across Scotland. The alumni group forms an extension of the Confucius Institute for Scotland’s Schools (CISS), which has given young people an additional platform to continue on their China-driven journey and further develop their skills as a language ambassador.

Why we exist

After our members were awarded the opportunity to embark on the Tianjin scholarship through CISS, it was necessary to form a collaboration between all scholar year groups, where like-minded individuals can share their individual experiences associated with living in China for an academic year. From this, CISS Alumni members have created the go-to network for alumni, businesses, schools and any aspiring enterprise to learn more about China, Chinese language and cultural interaction here in Scotland.

What are our mission/core values

The CISS Alumni mission is to become the predominant group of young people that assist in Scotland’s transformation to become a forefront example of a culturally blended society.

  • Language Involvement: Encouraging our youth to challenge themselves by learning languages
  • Peer Development: Acting as ambassadors
  • Cultural Immersion: Embracing new forms of culture
  • Connected Community for all past, present and future scholars: Learning Chinese in Scotland, accessibility, network sustainability
  • Lifelong Learning: The continuation of developing as a network and as individuals

CISS Alumni Committee

Chair Max McAllan
Secretary Owen Wilson
Social Media Coordinator Claire McCarthy
Alumni Liaison Coordinator Ailsa Brown
Glasgow Projects Coordinator Alistair Paton
Edinburgh Projects Coordinator Leah Duncan-Karrim
Digital Projects Coordinator Brodie Lawrence
Member Ana Scougall
Member Alexandra Reynolds
Member Alex McCombie
Member Robin Wilson
Member Bethany Eason