Fab Lab

Fab Lab at Strathclyde

The Fab Lab is an area where we share knowledge and skills. It is a place for fun as well as academic endeavour. We support staff and students throughout the University, but also welcome members of the public and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The diversity of users has allowed us to establish a core group of specialists, with experience in many disciplines and the ability to provide guidance on a variety of projects.

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Our facilities

The Fab Lab is based in a classroom so there is plenty of space to work. As an academic Fab Lab we are always pushing the boundaries of what our machines and processes can do,

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Equipment must be booked through Ulab once membership has been purchased. New members will have to register prior to their first booking.

3D Printers

  • We have a variety of 3D printers which print in ABS or PLA up to a height of 450mm.


  • Our two laser cutters/etchers have a bed size of 600 x 400mm and can cut up to 6mm thick material. Sheets of 3mm and 6mm laser ply and 3mm acrylic available for purchase from our online shop.
  • We have a vinyl cutter allowing creation of any image/lettering sticker.

CNC router

  • We have a medium sized CNC router which will cut material up to A4 sized and 40mm deep. Wood and foam for use in the CNC router can be purchased from our online shop.


  • We have surface mount components, soldering irons and a reflow oven as well as a dedicated circuit board CNC router which can machine down to 0.2mm. For testing, we have digital multi-meters and a full colour oscilloscope.

CAD and 3D scanning

  • Our laptops are equipped with the latest CAD and graphics software.
  • Our 3D scanning equipment includes a small static scanner and a hand held scanner allowing users to scan anything up to the size of a person.
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Membership is available via our online shop to over 18s at a cost of £40 per month.

There are no other costs other than material, we do not have a time charge for using our machines but ask you to use our booking software instead.

Members can be students, university staff, or members of the public.

New members will be given an induction, and prior to use of any equipment must complete the health and safety requirements. Staff will be on hand to provide assistance, but are not available to make anything for you.

It must also be kept in mind that the Fab Lab is a functioning classroom and may be booked out on days when classes are in.