News £1.5million project to investigate relationship between politicians and wealth inequality

3 April 2024

A Strathclyde researcher is a principal investigator in a new £1.5million project investigating the relationship between political decision-making and wealth distribution.

Dr Despina Alexiadou will work as part of an interdisciplinary team of academics based in Brazil, Germany and South Africa investigating the political mechanisms of the reproduction of wealth.

The study, funded for four years by the VW Foundation, aims to shed light on the relationship between political elites, public policy and the perpetuation of wealth inequality.

Drawing on insights from top income literature and research into inequality, researchers will seek to uncover the factors that contribute to politicians making policy decisions that may favour economic elites.

Through analysis of 50 democracies between 2005 and 2020 and in-depth case studies of the UK, Germany, Brazil and South Africa, the research team will study the alignment between politicians’ social and economic backgrounds and the formulation of wealth relevant policies.

The research aims to provide tools and solid empirical evidence for the public either hold politicians accountable or increase citizen trust in them, depending on the evidence uncovered.


Dr Despina Alexiadou

Dr Despina Alexiadou, Reader in Politics