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Institute for Inspiring Children’s Futures Our purpose & vision

Inspiring Children’s Futures has a vision to create a world where all children and young people have what they need to reach their full potential, particularly children who experience adversity.

In partnership, the Institute’s purpose is to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience between the academic, policy and practice communities, and children and young people themselves, with the aim of together, securing a better future for children.

Responding to global issues

Protecting children, providing care and support, accessing justice and creating the conditions for children’s wellbeing are global issues – and so the Institute will encourage collaboration and networking with colleagues internationally to inform and share what is learnt.

Inspiring Children’s Futures wants to encourage the generation of fresh ideas, combined with what we know works to strengthen leadership and encourage more effective relationships between those working to provide children’s services.

At the heart of all of this, is being able to listen and involve children, young people, their families, as well as those who provide care provision and protection services to overcome barriers that prevent young people from flourishing.