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Generating Evidence, Building Resilience Project: Children's Futures in light of COVID-19

The advent of Covid-19 has abruptly thrust the health and safety of children and families into greater risk, around the world.  Governments, local authorities, communities and families around the globe are all working to manage the impact of Covid-19, and in the process, may risk overlooking its impact on the most vulnerable children.

Minimising the negative impact of the COVID-19 emergency on children —and in particular, the related public health responses-- will be critical to children’s recovery, and to the medium and long-term global recovery and resilience. To do so, supportive policy and practice responses for the most vulnerable children will be needed both now, and through all stages of this pandemic.

The successes and shortcomings in past epidemics offer important learning to shortcut best practices and policies in all stages of this pandemic.

In order to make robust recommendations to policy and practice that will be effective, influential and accessible in the current pandemic, and to ensure effective learning for future pandemics, we have had to act quickly, to compile the key learning from past epidemics, as well as to establish tools to research, design and mobilise novel ways of gathering insights into the best practices and effective policies for children’s protection in these extraordinary times.