International Women's DayElisa Morgera, Law and Director of One Ocean Hub

The One Ocean Hub’s research seeks to bridge current disconnections in law, science and policy. The Hub’s mission is to bring together coastal people, researchers, and decision-makers to learn from different knowledge(s) and voices.

Women are at the heart of the Hub’s research on South Africa, Namibia, Ghana, Fiji and Solomon Islands. The Hub strives to empower communities – especially women and children, who are most reliant upon the ocean. In South Africa, for example, the Hub is facilitating research on the development and the empowerment of women fisher leaders. Hub researcher Buhle Francis (Rhodes University) focuses on female fisherfolks that experienced injustice in relation to fishing permits in the Eastern Cape.

In 2020, Gina Yaa Oduro (University of Cape Coast) and Rose Boswell (Nelson Mandela University) conducted two workshops on the role and relevance of gender in sustainable development. Yaa Oduro, together with other Hub´s researchers, is currently developing a paper on the intersection of culture, tradition, and human rights of Ghanaian women in coastal communities.


Elisa Morgera is a Professor of Global Environmental Law, Strathclyde University Law School (Glasgow, UK), and Director of the global inter-disciplinary research collaboration "One Ocean Hub", funded by the UK Research and Innovation's Global Challenge Research Fund (

Professor Morgera specialises in international biodiversity law, law of the sea, international human rights law, and corporate accountability. In collaboration with colleagues across the marine and social sciences and the arts, her research seeks to bridge current disconnects in ocean science, policy and society. By co-developing fair research partnerships in Africa, the South Pacific and the Caribbean, the One Ocean Hub seeks to empower communities, women and children most reliant upon the ocean to shape decisions balancing multiple ocean uses with conservation.