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The Strathclyde Law Blog

By Claire McDiarmid - Posted on 14 February 2020

Welcome to Strathclyde Law School’s blog. This is a short post to set the scene, with further posts about the ideas and scholarship emerging from the Law School at the University of Strathclyde to follow.

Strathclyde Law School has always taken pride in its work and also in making that work as accessible to people as possible. Whilst we may have taken a little while to embrace blogging directly, we hope that our blog can serve as a useful forum for floating new ideas or showcasing research output in a digestible way.

The blog isn’t a change of direction for us – we’ll continue with all our other activities including publishing research in academic journals and beyond or getting our ideas out by other means (including Twitter). Our research centres will also continue to be active online. But the blog will be a central resource to present ourselves and our work in digestible chunks: more developed than a snappy news release, yet not so in depth or (dare we say?!) dusty as a piece of academic writing. Academics, students and others will post here and we would be keen to hear from you with any feedback as the blog develops. We hope you enjoy reading.