Restorative Justice

How can Active Victim Participation be Achieved?

A Case Study of Sexual Abuse Crimes

In the Chair: Sheriff David Mackie

Prof Tim Chapman

With Respondents from Policy & Practice

Monday 5 June 2023 5.45-7.45pm

University of Strathclyde

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It is widely recognised that Restorative Justice cannot be meaningful without the active participation of victims. But how can active victim participation be achieved in reality? What are the ethical, legal and practical challenges? 

Based on research into victims’ experience of restorative justice and his recent practical involvement in a major child sexual abuse restorative project in Ireland, Prof Tim Chapman will explain how victim participation must be at the core of the implementation of restorative justice in Scotland from the start. Tim will argue that this requires a reorientation of values, principles and standards of practice within the criminal justice system. This necessitates: greater participation of victim support organisations; listening carefully to what victims want and need; the skilful engagement of victims; a restorative approach to risk assessment; and, co-designing with victims safe and effective meetings with perpetrators.   

Tim Chapman is one of the world’s most eminent thinkers and trainers in Restorative Justice. The Chair of the Board of the European Forum for Restorative Justice, he is widely sought after as a trainer, adviser and speaker.  Tim is Visiting Professor at the Centre for Law, Crime & Justice, Law School, Strathclyde University.

With extensive experience in the Northern Ireland Probation Service, Tim has also trained serious politically motivated prisoners in restorative practices in order to move them away from violence. Tim has also trained more than 40 prison officers in restorative practices and this is having a gradual impact on the culture of prisons in Northern Ireland. Tim Chapman has conducted research into the training of judges and prosecutors in restorative justice. This led directly to a new initiative to extend restorative justice to young people to adults within the Northern Irish court system.

Tim is currently acting as a restorative consultant and practitioner in two major cases of multiple institutional sexual abuse and conducting research into the experience of participation in restorative justice by victims. 

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Q &A and discussion with the audience

1.5 hours CPD for most justice professionals 

Tim is leading and delivering Strathclyde’s Restorative Justice & Practices Essential Skills Course September – October 2023. The Course is now taking Bookings.