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Welcome to our hub for all things human rights at the Law School.

The Centre for the Study of Human Rights Law is the only academic human rights law centre in Scotland. Our vision, since launching in 2008, is to be a hub for exploring the role and impact of human rights law in specific areas of legal and public policy practice, nationally and internationally. In line with this, we draw upon, and contriute to, a broad range of areas, from migration law to biodoversity governance. An overview of colleagues' areas of expertise is below. Feel free to get in touch - Dr Elaine Webster, Director

Professor K. Boyle

Dr. S Da Lomba, in particular in the context of immigration and asylum

Professor A. Miller

D A. Evans

Dr. M. Donnelly

Prof. K Norrie


Dr. F Sindico, including the right to water

Prof. E Morgera, including biodiversity and human rights

Dr. M. Ntona

Dr E. Webster