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The Law Clinic provides free legal assistance to people who are unable to get legal help by any other means. The Law Clinic is run by law student volunteers.

The multi award-winning clinic was founded in 2003 and is the first and the biggest of the existing Scottish law clinics.


It's the first and biggest law clinic in Scotland.

While its main priority is providing access to justice to its clients, the Law Clinic also serves as a valuable learning resource for the Strathclyde law students who help to run it. Students develop legal skills, experience law in operation and are able to reflect on the ethics and justice of legal practice if they choose to undertake the ground-breaking Clinical LLB, which allows students to integrate their training and case experience with  their mainstream legal studies.

The Clinic achieves notable success on behalf of its clients for example, through negotiating settlements and representing clients in court.

The Law Clinic provides an Initial Advice Clinic for the public twice a month providing free initial legal advice, and an Online Advice Clinic, which provides free initial legal advice via an online enquiries system.

In addition, the Clinic also runs three projects – the Housing, Schools and Prisons Projects - which aim to provide various community group’s with knowledge about relevant areas of law, while its Criminal Convictions Unit investigates suspected miscarriages of justice, The Law Clinic is also collaborating with the Refugee Survival Trust and the Scottish Refugee Council to assist failed asylum applicants and is a partner in the Scottish Women’s Rights Centre which supports survivors of gender-based violence. Another new project, the Small Business Legal Unit, is designed with the support of DLA Piper to support small businesses and charities.

Students can either become case workers or project workers as members of the Law Clinic. Project workers can assist on the various projects run by the Law Clinic, and case workers can work on the projects as well as client facing work. 

How does the Law Clinic work?

The Clinic is part of The Strathclyde Law School.

The day-to-day running of the clinic is carried out by its student directors and an Executive Committee of volunteers. The committee is made up of appointed and elected student advisors who make policy decisions to ensure the Law Clinic meets its aims.

A Supervisory Committee made up of members of Strathclyde University, legal professionals and members of Glasgow community provides guidance to the Executive Committee.

How will my case be handled?

We currently have 150 student volunteers.

We currently have 150 student advisers. Two students will be responsible for each case.  However, all legal advice given is checked by a supervisor. The Law Clinic currently has four legally qualified supervisors.

The Law Clinic Administrator will arrange for an appointment with the client and the appointed student advisers. Clients are asked to bring all relevant paperwork to this meeting.

Do I have to pay a fee?

Our advice is absolutely free. The only charges which may need to be paid are standard court and sheriff officer fees.

What services does the Law Clinic offer?

  • legal advice
  • writing letters
  • speaking to relevant authorities or opponents
  • negotiating settlements to disputes
  • representation in the courts

Does the Clinic deal with all legal issues?

We deal with most legal issues including housing, benefits, consumer and employment law and some forms of immigration law. However, we cannot offer help in the following areas of law:

  • criminal
  • family

We are also unable to help if you qualify for legal aid or can afford a solicitor.

How do I arrange an appointment?

Contact us on:

We aim to respond to you as soon as possible but no longer than seven days.

We've helped with over 1950 cases since our launch