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We are keen to create a repository of network members' publications which relate to methodological considerations on the future of EU law and EU integration. To request the addition of a publication, please email details and, where possible a link to an open access version, to the network coordinators or to

Book, general EU law methodologies (plus international law methodologies) 


M. Kendrick, Differentiated Integration in the EU: Harmonising EU Tax Law (Edward Elgar) (forthcoming 2023) 


M. Fichera, The Foundations of the EU As A Polity (Edward Elgar, 2018)


R. Zahn, New Labour Laws in Old Member States: Trade Union Responses to European Enlargement (CUP, 2017)


R Cryer, T Hervey, B Sokhi-Bulley, with A Bohm, Research Methodologies in EU and International Law (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2011)

Book chapters, general EU law methodologies


PJ Cardwell, ‘The Court of Justice of the European Union’ in Cini, M and Perez-Solorzano, N, European Union Politics (7th Edition, OUP, 2022)


P J Cardwell and T Hervey, ‘Bringing the Technical into the Socio-Legal: The Metaphors of Law and Legal Scholarship of a Twenty-First Century European Union’ in D Cowan and D Wincott, eds, Exploring the ‘Legal’ in Socio-Legal Studies (Palgrave Macmillan 2016) 157-182


P J Cardwell and T Hervey, ‘The roles of law in a new intergovernmentalist EU’ in C Bickerton, D Hodson and U Puetter, The New Intergovernmentalism: States and Supra-National Actors in the Post-Maastricht Era (Oxford: OUP 2015) 73-89


T Hervey, ‘Realism, Empiricism and Doctrine in EU legal studies: views from a common law perspective’ in R Nielsen and U Neergaard, European Legal Method: Towards a New European Legal Realism (Copenhagen: DJØF, 2013) 125-160

T Hervey, ‘Re-judging Social Rights in the European Union’ in G de Búrca, C Kilpatrick, J Scott, eds, Critical Perspectives on Global Governance: Liber Amicorum David M Trubek (Oxford: Hart, 2013) 345-68


T Hervey and N Sheldon, ‘Judicial Method of English Courts And Tribunals in EU Law Cases: A Case Study in Employment Law’ in U Neergard, R Nielsen, L Roseberry, eds, European Legal Method: Paradoxes and Revitalisation (Copenhagen: DJØK, 2011) 327-75

Journal articles


M. Fichera, ‘The Idea of Discursive Constituent Power’ (2021) 3 (2) Jus Cogens 159-180 

M. Fichera, ‘The Relevance of the Notion of Time for Global Constitutionalism: Towards Communal Constitutionalism?’ (2021) 1 Athena- Critical Inquiries in Law, Philosophy and Globalisation 153-186 


PJ Cardwell, ‘Does studying abroad help academic achievement?’ (2020) 10(2) European Journal of Higher Education 147-163 

E Fahey, ‘Introduction to the Special Issue: Future-Mapping the Directions of EU Law: How do we predict the future of EU law?’ (2020) 7(2) Journal of International and Comparative Law 266-279 available at 

M. Fichera, ‘Framing EU Constitutional Time: A Future-Oriented Theory of Constitutional Change for the EU’ (2020) 7 (2) Journal of International and Comparative Law 409-426

M. Kendrick, ‘The Future of Differentiated Integration: The Tax Microcosm’ (2020) 7(2) Journal of International and Comparative Law 371 - 387 available at

R. Zahn, ‘What future for the European social model? The relevance of early intellectual concepts of social integration’ (2020) 7(2) Journal of International and Comparative Law 351-369 available at


PJ Cardwell, ‘Naviguer en eaux inconnues; les défis rencontrés par la recherche juridique au Royaume-Uni à l'heure du Brexit: the challenges of legal scholarship in the UK in the Brexit era’ (2019) 7(2) Revue critique de droit international privé 335-352


R. Zahn, ‘Revision of the posted workers' directive: a europeanisation perspective’ (2018) 19 Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies 187-201


T Hervey ‘Telling stories about European Union Health Law: The emergence of a new field of law’ 15 (3) Comparative European Politics (2016) 352-369

J. Hardy, S. Shelley, M. Calveley, J. Kubisa, & R. Zahn, ‘Scaling the mobility of health workers in an enlarged Europe: an open political-economy perspective’ (2016) 23(4) European Urban and Regional Studies 798-815


R. Zahn, ‘The ‘Europeanisation’ of labour law – can comparative law solve the problem?’ (2010) 61(1) Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly 79-92.

Comparative law methodologies 

T Hervey and D Orentlicher, ‘Editors’ Introduction to the Oxford Handbook of Comparative Health Law’ in D Orentlicher and T Hervey, eds, Oxford Handbook of Comparative Health Law (Oxford University Press 2021) 

Book reviews

Gonzalez-Salzberg and Hodson, eds, Research Methods for International Human Rights Law (Routledge, 2020), 20 Human Rights Law Review (2020) 205-208