Centre for the Study of Human Rights Law Awarded RSE Research Workshop Funding

In December 2021, the Centre for the Study of Human Rights Law will launch a series of workshops, entitled: 'Integrated Implementation of Scotland’s New Human Rights Framework'. 

Funding from the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) will facilitate five workshops over the coming year, which aim to support Scottish public authorities to achieve effective policy implementation at the intersections of human rights and equality law. 

The research workshops will be led by Dr Elaine Webster, Professor Alan Miller, and Professor Nicole Busby (School of Law, University of Glasgow), who will build on their previous collaborations, most recently in relation to Scotland's National Taskforce for Human Rights Leadership

Dr Webster said: 

The Scottish Government has this year committed to an ambitious legal framework that will give rise to a new range of duties and a new focus on groups whose rights are the least realised.This is the most significant leap taken to date in Scotland’s post-devolution human rights journey. We all know that when the framework comes into effect, its success will depend upon the capacity of range of actors, including public authorities, to translate its ambition into lived realities. Our aim with the workshops is to explore how a shift can be enabled. We’d like to bring together academics, from across disciplines in Scotland and further afield, and representatives of public sector duty bearers and individual rights holders to start to devise a model for research-informed practice.

Further information about this award and further RSE awards to the University of Strathclyde can be found in this news item.