Law School hosts Scottish Parliament event

On Monday 8th January, Strathclyde Law School hosted an event by the Constitution, Europe, External Affairs and Culture Committee of the Scottish Parliament. The half-day conference, chaired by the Committee’s convener, Clare Adamson MSP, brought together politicians, current and former Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament officials, government, parliament and private sector lawyers and academics from across the UK to reflect and build upon recommendations made in the committee’s October 2023 report How Devolution is Changing Post-EU (here:  How Devolution is Changing Post-EU ( In a debate about the report following the event, committee member Alexander Stewart MSP told the Scottish Parliament that he

Commend[s] and congratulate[s] all those who attended it, because it brought a focus from not only academics but legal practitioners and politicians to talking about what we are doing and how we will go forward. Many of them came up with idea and opportunities for how that might take place.

The committee’s deputy convener, Donald Cameron MSP, told the Scottish Parliament that the event was “insightful and raised many pertinent points” whilst the convener, Clare Adamson MSP, highlighted the participation of students at the event, not only from Strathclyde Law School but also from Queen’s University Belfast, Liverpool University and Durham University. 

The committee was welcomed to the University by our Principal, Sir Jim McDonald, and by the Head of Strathclyde Law School, Adelyn Wilson, who said:

It was an honour to host this event to mark the publication of the Committee’s important report and support the debate in the Scottish Parliament the following day. Ensuring our work makes a meaningful contribution to our society and community is central to the spirit of Strathclyde Law School, and it was a pleasure to welcome the Committee as well as so many members of the professional and academic communities to our campus to achieve that aim together. It was therefore particularly fitting that this event marks the very start of our Anniversary year, celebrating 60 years since the foundation of the School, and we look forward to welcoming a great range of friends and partners to join us in these celebrations through the year.

"The Scottish Parliament has released a podcast recorded on the day with the committee’s convener and deputy convener."