Prof Mike Nellis Interviewed on Controversial Surveillance Technology

Professor Mike Nellis of the Centre for Law, Crime & Justice (Strathclyde Law School) was interviewed by Waqar Rizvi on the flagship current affairs Indus News TV show “Scope” about surveillance technology in the UK and around the world.  

Prof Nellis explained the issue about which he was interviewed:

“For last 2 years in the UK the police and  internet companies here have been quietly piloting  surveillance technology that can  log and store web browsing of every single person. The project is run by the Home Office, the National Crime Agency, and two unnamed internet service providers.

“If successful, data extraction could be rolled out nationally on a vast scale, arguably creating the most powerful and controversial surveillance tool used by any democratic nation.

“Several UK civil liberties organisations are arguing that this is neither lawful, necessary nor proportionate, and too secretive.”

View the TV Interview (starts 28 minutes in).

Prof Mike Nellis is Emeritus Professor of Criminal & Community Justice.

He established the popular postgraduate Masters elective in ‘Surveillance, Technology & Crime Control’ and has taught extensively on the LLM/MSc in Criminal Justice & Penal Change.

He is currently engaged to provide expert advice to the Council of Europe on standards in the use of artificial intelligence in criminal justice.