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Tim Chapman 

Professor Tim Chapman is Visiting Professor at the Centre for Law, Crime & Justice, Law School, Strathclyde University. He is a leading thinker on youth and criminal justice, including community sanctions and probation. He is widely sought across the world as a trainer, adviser and speaker.

A key architect of the internationally-admired practice guidelines for the Restorative Youth Conference scheme in Northern Ireland, Prof Chapman has unrivalled knowledge and experience of training those facilitating Restorative Justice practices.

Tim has trained serious politically motivated prisoners in restorative practices in order to move them away from violence, as well as more than 60 prison officers.

Tim has also conducted research into the training of judges and prosecutors in restorative justice. This led directly to a new initiative to extend restorative justice to adults within the Northern Irish court system.

Tim recently led a major six-country research programme examining the contribution of restorative justice to justice and security experienced by communities affected by conflict in an intercultural context.

Tim’s work has had significant impact around the world. Instrumental in developing effective probation practice in the UK, his book ‘Time to Grow’ (Russell House 2000) developed a practice model for young people in conflict with the law and has influenced youth justice in Scotland.

He is the co-author of Protecting Rights, Restoring Respect, Strengthening Relationships: A European Model of Restorative Justice with Children and Young People (2015 IJJO). This outlines a holistic model for restorative justice in Europe.

He is the co-author of research into community based restorative justice in Northern Ireland, Justice Beyond Frontiers: Restorative Approaches to Community Conflict, through a European partnership, ALTERNATIVE, which included research organisations in Belgium, Serbia, Hungary, Austria and Norway. This research examined the effectiveness of restorative processes in relation to conflicts in intercultural contexts.

He is currently acting as a restorative consultant and practitioner in two major cases of multiple institutional sexual abuse and conducting research into the experience of participation in restorative justice by victims.

The recent Chair of the European Forum on Restorative Justice, Tim has delivered restorative justice and practices training in many parts of the world and has conducted and published extensive research.

Tim’s publications can be accessed at

Tim Chapman will lead the learning.

Tania Nascimento

Tim will be assisted by Tania Nascimento (Strathclyde University).  She has undertaken restorative justice practice training, including in sensitive and complex cases, and has conducted research for the Scottish Government (with Tim Chapman) into RJ training needs, as well as into practical issues in the delivery of RJ. Her doctoral research examines the daily delivery of RJ. She has  also provided (on a voluntary basis) emotional, practical, and advocacy support to victims of crime.

Professor Cyrus Tata

Prof Cyrus Tata, Strathclyde University Centre for Law, Crime & Justice is the Academic Course Director.

Linda Nicolson

The Course Administrator is Linda Nicolson. Please contact Linda in the first instance with any queries you may have about the course and how to apply.