Law SchoolStrathclyde Mediation Society

Strathclyde Mediation Society is the first student mediation society in Scotland. It offers a unique way to socialise with your peers, gain transferrable skills and stand out from the competition.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. As an alternative to traditional forms of dispute resolution, mediation works to assist parties to resolve their own disputes. Success rates for mediation have been found to be around 80 to 85%.

Our internal mediation competition

Our student run mediation competition typically has four participants per round; two mediators and two clients.

Mediators get scored on a range of criteria, from active listening to management of the process to creating and maintaining trust. The scoring criteria reflects important qualities and transferrable skills in a mediator. 

The winning teams will go to represent Strathclyde in national and international mediation competitions

Why mediate at Strathclyde?

Mediation helps you stand out from the crowd, increasing your career prospects. Strathclyde has a strong pedigree in mediation, placing highly year-on-year in both the national and international competitions.

Mediation gives you the ability to think on your feet, manage clients and adapt to problems, amongst a variety of other transferrable skills.

How do I join the Mediation Society?

Please contact if you're interested in the society.

Sponsorship opportunities

We’re interested in hearing from any potential sponsorship opportunities. With over 100 students participating in the society it's the perfect way to gain exposure for your firm or company.