Postgraduate Law students Bryan Yan Wang, China, Phd Law

Bryan Wang PhD Law

Tell us a bit about yourself…
My name is Bryan Yan Wang and I’m a Law PhD student at University of Strathclyde and I’m really passionate about my area of research.

Why did you choose Strathclyde for your postgraduate research study?
To my mind, selecting the right supervisor is key in PhD study. My supervisors at the law school find my research interesting and they have the expertise to supervise me to help me complete my research. Also, I really enjoy my life in Scotland and I wanted to spend more time at a university in Glasgow.

Tell us about the nature of your research?
My research is qualitative research but it does not include empirical studies. It looks at the legal perspective of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and LGBT board diversity in the UK corporate governance framework.

What do you like about your research area?
My research inspires me in analysing LGBT rights and CSR perspectives. This is linked to my own integrity and understanding of the world. I like my research also because it helps me to explore potential career developments.

What’s the Strathclyde research community like?
In my own opinion the Strathclyde research community is very diverse and socially inclusive. For instance, students are very open to sharing their own research experiences even though everyone is coming from different subject backgrounds.

What are the Strathclyde facilities like?
The facilities are very helpful. Research students from the Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty have access to a dedicated study space with computers.

Tell us about the support from your supervisor and the wider Strathclyde team?
My supervisors always give me very helpful feedback. Instead of giving me direct answers, they always encourage me to the find the answer by myself, which is helpful in developing critical thinking skills and independent study skills. The Strathclyde team – HaSS Graduate School and the Law School mainly – offered me the opportunity to deliver tutorials and have funded me to attend relevant conferences. This has widened my views in the wider scope of academic study in law.

What's the best thing about Strathclyde?
Strathclyde gives students a wide range of opportunities to improve themselves.

What would you like to do after your PhD?
I would like to find a job related to my research theme.


What are the main differences between studying in China and in the UK?
My home country is China. Studying in the UK is more independent than in China; studying in the UK can bring a more international research prospective, whereas studying China tends to focus on the domestic research.  

What was it like moving to Scotland?
I came to Glasgow, Scotland in 2016. It was very difficult at the beginning for many reasons, but I really enjoy my life in Glasgow now.

What is it like being a student in Glasgow?
To tell the truth, being an international student, especially an Asian student in Glasgow, is not very easy because of the cultural differences and language difficulties. However, there are many opportunities for us to integrate with the culture in Glasgow. I would say, the first lesson for international students is “don’t be afraid of any awkwardness or making mistakes”.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to join different societies, such as Strathclyde Debate Club, read books, hang out with friends and travel across the UK.

What do you like most about the city?
The accent, to be very honest. The Scottish accent in general is very charming and distinctive though it was a bit difficult to comprehend at the beginning of my journey in Scotland. 

What’s your favourite Scottish word/phrase, and why?
“What’s for you will no go by you”/ Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye!

Life can be miserable and make us anxious at some point, and it’s not always up to us to change this. Thinking in this way can be a relief any anxiety in our lives.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?
I would recommend more international students continue their journey into higher education at Strathclyde.