"Advice: Resits"

By Samantha Walker 

For many people, this can be an extremely anxious time: You’re either waiting for your results or you have them and hopefully you’ve done well but on the chance, you haven’t you’re now having to think about what you need to do before the dreaded resit.

The main thing you need to focus on is where you went wrong and get the guidance to ensure you don't have any confusion over how to fix your mistakes. Depending on what course you do if you failed an essay you may be able to use the same essay again and change parts or you may have to do a completely new essay, so again before you start, make sure you ask your tutor for guidance on what is expected, you don't want to start doing an entirely new essay to be told you didn’t have to. If its an examination I assume but again get clarification on this, that you would have to resit the examination and it would be a new paper.

Read the feedback provided by your marking tutor and try to make sense of what they are saying. They are paid to assist you so if you don't understand the feedback or want some clarification then drop them an email and make sure you know that if it is an essay you are resubmitting you know what you need to change to ensure you pass and if its for an examination then you need to make sure you’re studying the correct things and take a new approach to the exam.

Resists aren’t usually due until August so take some time away from studying or writing essays and enjoy your summer, you have a couple of months until it will be due. Take the time to de-stress after a stressful term and then in July, you can tackle the stress again when you have had time to forget about university for a while. If you try and do it too soon you will spend the whole time grudging everyone else who is enjoying summer so be sure to give yourself time.

If you have friends who passed their essay, use them to ask questions to, although you can't copy their entire essay you can look at what they have done in comparison to you and in particular look at what they did in the areas that you didn’t pass.

If you have any resits good luck with them and make sure you go and have a good summer and don't let resists take away from all the hard work you put in during the year…. and come August you will be getting the pass you deserve.