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New MOOC open for enrolmentForced Marriage: Challenges and Dilemmas

Forced marriage is internationally recognised as a violation of human rights, a pressing issue which predominately affects women and girls. This four-week course helps understand the meaning of forced marriage as well as its impact on both indivdiuals and communities. Run by Dr Melanie McCarry, the course also features experts and organisations including Jasvinder Sanghera, Dr Geetanjali Gangoli, Prof Aisha Gill, Prof Khatidja ChantlerHemat Gryffe Women's Aid and Shakti Women's Aid.

Together we will explore the difference between forced and arranged marriage, and what role honour and culture play. We'll also look at the prevalence of forced marriage in the UK and globally, examine the social and cultural contexts of forced marriage, and analyse the challenges of addressing this sensitive social issue. Finally, the course will look at the measures and responses to forced marriage, thinking about prevention and support for victim/survivors.

The course begins on Monday 8th November 2021 and registration is free and open now. You can find out how to register here.