NewsYouth Justice Voices joins forces with Articulate

Youth Justice Voices poster CYCJThe Centre for Youth & Criminal Justice (CYCJ) and Scottish Throughcare and Aftercare Forum (Staf) are excited to announce that Youth Justice Voices, CYCJ, and Staf's national participation project, is embarking on a new partnership with Articulate Cultural Trust and Glaswegian artist Slang.

Funded by the Life Changes Trust, Youth Justice Voices was set up in 2019 to share and amplify the voices of young people aged 16-25 with experience of the care and justice systems. Led by the project steering group 'Youth Just Us', the young people are already enabling young people to be heard in the justice system, and explore and share their experiences with policymakers, managers, corporate parents and the Scottish Government.

With the support and guidance of Slang (Scott Lang) and Articulate, Youth Just Us will get to creatively explore their experiences, encapsulating what care and justice means to them. They will also have the opportunity to further the project's identity and communicate key messages with their own exhibition. This is an excellent opportunity for these young people to try something different, explore their own creativity and really make a difference to how youth justice is dealt with in Scotland.

Having grown up in one of Glasgow's housing schemes, Slang uses spray paint, stencils and photomontage to explore the intrinsic link between this and his own sense of identity. His work deals with themes such as cultural identity, the oppressive brutalist architecture prevalent in the city's schemes, stereotypes and gang culture.

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