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NewsStrathclyde at Aye Write!

The programme for Aye Write, Glasgow’s Book Festival, has just been announced. The 2020 festival features an impressive array of events organised by, and featuring, the university’s Creative Writing team: Dr Rodge Glass and Mr Andrew Meehan.

Remembering Alasdair Gray

13th Mar 2020  •  6:00PM - 7:15PM  •  Mitchell Library

On the festival's opening weekend, Rodge Glass (our new senior lecturer in Creative Writing, and Alasdair Gray’s biographer), has curated an evening which brings together those who knew Alasdair Gray to pay tribute to the man and read from his work. Featuring Bernard MacLaverty, Alan Spence, Janice Galloway, and more.

Andrew Meehan, The Mystery of Love

15th Mar 2020  •  3:00PM - 4:00PM  •  Mitchell Library

To mark the publication of his new novel, The Mystery of Love, our lecturer Andrew Meehan will be in conversation with Ajay Close. In The Mystery of Love, Constance Wilde's marriage has ended. Oscar is in prison and she has fled to Italy with their children. Here she reflects on her marriage to Oscar, and whether she always knew that their marriage was founded on a different kind of love.

404 Ink, in association with Creative Writing at the University of Strathclyde, presents: Write On The Edge

20th March 2020 • 9.30AM - 5.30PM • Mitchell Library

404 Ink is Scotland's most vital and progressive independent publishing company. In 2019, the company's founders Laura Jones and Heather McDaid were named, alongside Greta Thurnberg and others, by Margaret Atwood in a list of 12 Women Shaping Our Future. We have partnered with 404 Ink to present a day-long programme of creative writing workshops and publishing industry roundtables, alongside readings by the likes of Helen McClory and Chris McQueer. The event will open with a keynote speech by Denise Mina.

Rodge Glass and Andrew Meehan will also be chairing a number of events featuring some of the world's leading authors, including Emma-Jane Unsworth, John Niven, and Colum McCann.

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