Student Feedback

Student Feedback

We offer individual counselling services to a broad range of clients, providing the opportunity for students to develop their counselling skills in a practice-based research clinic. Being trained in a variety of both clinical practice and research activities, the clinic provides students with a valuable learning opportunity that includes regular mentoring and caseload supervision. 

Some of our students have provided feedback on their experience with the clinic:

Andrew Kidd

I smile when I think back on my 2 ½ years at the clinic. Being in the university meant the clinic felt very integrated with my course. The benefits from working as part of a diverse community of students and qualified Counsellors helped bring the profession to life. That community was invaluable support, and remain friends today. Staff helped build confidence through being friendly and approachable while offering expert supervision on person-centred practice. Make no mistake its hard work! And a little more is expected than from other placements. But (importantly) the clinic helped prepare me to be a Counsellor into the ‘real world’ and gain employment. You’ve heard the cliché trust the process? I’d say trust the clinic.

Duncan Hamilton

I couldn't be happier with my placement choice, as a trainee counsellor aspiring to grow my own private practice; I could never have anticipated just how much I would get out of volunteering here. As well as regular A* supervision, the volunteer therapists are given a lot of responsibility to find their own way of working, within a well-thought-out framework which is accessible & empowering.

Marianna Vidali

My placement at the research clinic was a very positive experience and it played a huge role in my overall development as a counsellor during the course. Being able to take on both the role of the therapist and the researcher offered so many unique learning opportunities and insights into therapy that were very valuable for my professional and personal development.

Dominique Walterson MBACP

Being a therapist at the Counselling Research Clinic” gave me the opportunity to work long-term with a wide variety of clients. Compared to many other agencies, the Cinic allows therapists  to take on a much wider range of tasks, such as intake interviews and follow-up. I enjoyed my work at the Clinic and would recommend it to new therapists.