Psychological Sciences & Health Working with external partners

Our work has direct impact on the health, well-being, industry, culture and environment in Scotland and beyond. From supporting clinicians in the field to working directly with industry.

Professional educational expertise

Professor James Boyle

Professor Boyle gives talks to professional audiences, including local authority educational psychology services and speech and language therapists, on issues related to evidence-based practice, bullying, language impairment, assessment and partnership working.

He also organises training workshops for professionals on dynamic assessment, led by Professor David Tzuriel, of Bar-Ilan University, Israel.

Additionally, he’s a member of the Scottish Government’s National Scottish Steering Group for Educational Psychologists and a member of Education Scotland’s Working Group on Validated Self-Evaluation and the Reference Group for Educational Psychology.

Professor Boyle is also a member of the National Institute for Health Research Faculty and has recently served as an Assessor for the Netherlands Initiative for Education Research and the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, and for the Australian Psychological Society.

Dr Susan McCool

Dr Susan McCool is involved in accreditation of speech and language therapy courses on behalf of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT).

Susan is a member Committee of Representatives of Education in Speech Therapy (CREST) which influences the Higher Education agenda for SLT across the UK.

In addition, she represents the BSc Honours Speech and Language Pathology/University as a member of the Council of Deans for Health (Scotland); influencing the Higher Education agenda for nursing, midwifery and allied health professionals across the UK, and with a special emphasis on the Scottish context.

Dr Wendy Cohen

Dr Wendy Cohen provides regular Practice Educator training to Allied Health Professionals who supervise students on practice placement. This is part of the National Practice Placement Agreements between the University and the Scottish NHS boards.

Wendy also provides training to Health boards in the West/South of Scotland in partnership with Strathclyde’s Department of Bioengineering and Glasgow Caledonian University’s School of Health and Life Sciences.

Professional clinical expertise

Dr Wendy Cohen

Dr Wendy Cohen represents the University of Strathclyde on National Health Service Education for Scotland (NES, Special Health Board) AHP Pre-registration Reference Group. This group focuses on national strategies for the continued education and development of Allied Health Profession students ensuring that graduates are prepared for their dynamic workplace destination.

Dr Elspeth McCartney

Dr Elspeth McCartney is a Registrant Partner (Visitor) with the Health and Care Professions Council, the statutory registration body for health professions and psychologists in the UK, and social workers in England. This is a public appointment, and her role is to undertake quality assurance and degree approval visits, reporting to the Council.

Working with the health services

Dr Alison Kirk

Dr Alison Kirk works with NHS Grampian to assist in implementing a new physical activity promotion service for adults with diabetes. S he has been involved with conducting a process evaluation of the implementation of the intervention into routine care of adults with diabetes in NHS Grampian. In October 2014 this work was awarded a 2014 Quality in Care - Diabetes (QiC Diabetes) award.

Working with the charity sector

Diane Dixon

Diane Dixon provides expertise in behavioural science to Cancer Research UK through her membership of the Population Research Committee, where she Chairs the PRC Prevention Expert Review Group and also serves as a member of The New Investigator Committee.

Dr David Rowe

Dr David Rowe works with Paths for All , a partnership of more than 20 national organisations, committed to promoting walking for health and the development of multi-use path networks in Scotland. The priority is to reduce the proportion of the population who are physically inactive through a national walking programme; and to promote an increase in the number, quality, and accessibility of paths for everyone.

Working with businesses

Dr Steve Kelly, Dr Mark Elliot & Dr Eimear Finnegan

Dr Steve Kelly, Dr Mark Elliot & Dr Eimear Finnegan are providing psychological advice and research expertise in a Big Lottery funded project alongside project partners, Glasgow City Council and Brodies solicitors.

The £0.5 million project, entitled ‘Valuing the Difference’ aims to inform business and other relevant stakeholders about the effects of prejudice and bias and the potential causes of these in a workforce, particularly where such bias may be acquired unconsciously and influence behaviour tacitly.

The project anticipates working with a variety of additional business partners throughout Glasgow and Scotland to deliver information and training and collaborate on research into viable interventions for unconscious bias.

Dr Susan Rasmussen

Dr Susan Rasmussen was one of the creators of the Strathclyde Solutions Exchange (SSE) which is a consultancy-based initiative designed to assist organisations solve some of their economic, technical and environmental challenges whilst developing knowledge exchange skills and techniques in our research community.

Strathclyde Solutions Exchange (SSE) is a five-day multidisciplinary initiative aimed at students, staff and engaging researchers. The workshop aspect allows our researchers to work collaboratively with other Strathclyde students and staff to solve problems from local industry, charities and SMEs. More information about the SSE can be found here .

Dr Stephen Butler & Dr Tony Anderson

The EU funded project FAROS (, is a three year project to develop an approach to incorporate human factors into Risk-Based Design of ships. Dr Stephen Butler and Dr Tony Anderson are working with:

  • Alpha Marine Consulting Ltd - based in Athens, AMC operate in ship design and technical marine consultancy.
  • Brookes-Bell Ltd - company specialising in marine, scientific and technical consultancy, casualty investigation, energy loss adjusting and expert evidence.
  • GAIN - based in Galicia, GAIN are a technological centre whose aim is to increase the innovation capacity of Galician industries, through the generation and application of technology and knowledge.
  • Deep Blue Ltd - based in Rome, Deep Blue are a human factors, safety and validation consultancy providing solutions throughout industry and the public sector in the field of transportation.
  • Lloyds Register Energy -  LR work with clients to ensure the safety and reliability of assets and systems and improve business performance.
  • Naval Architecture Progress Ltd - based in Athens, NAP's expertise is ship design and marine engineering.
  • Tallink are a cruise and passenger transport service, operating in the northern Baltic Sea region.

Academic advisors

Prof John Reilly

Prof John Reilly (PAH) is a member of the WHO Geneva Ad Hoc Working Group on Science and Evidence for Ending Childhood Obesity (ECHO; 2014-2016). The ECHO initiative is led by the WHO Director General, Margaret Chan, and aims to make recommendations to the World Health Assembly in 2016 on prevention and control of childhood obesity globally, with particular emphasis on low and middle-income countries. See link to University News June 2014.

Dr Simon Hunter

Dr Simon Hunter also works closely with external organisations to carry out research and knowledge exchange activity. He advised a children’s helpline in Canada about the implications of his work for their service, and recently worked with the Scottish Association for Mental Health to carry out research on bullying behaviours and online activity among adolescents in Scotland. More information can be obtained here:

Prof John Reilly

Prof John Reilly is the European representative on the Executive Committee of the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance (2014-present). The Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance is a network of researchers, health professionals and stakeholders working together to advance physical activity in children and youth from around the world.

National Active Healthy Kids Report Cards (e.g., and the second international report card will be published in 2016.Prof Reilly mentors the first Active Healthy Kids Report Cards from Japan, Hong Kong, Qatar, and Malaysia.

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) African Research Network on Childhood Obesity Surveillance and Prevention

Prof Reilly is the external adviser on an IAEA funded technology transfer project (2012-2017) involving 12 African countries. The project aims to establish the use of stable isotopes (2H and 18O) to validate methods of assessing childhood obesity and childhood physical activity. These methods will be used in Africa in future for public health surveillance of childhood obesity prevalence, for the surveillance of physical activity in children, and in interventions to prevent childhood obesity.

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