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Conference Programme

#SocMedHE20 Tweetposium Programme


The annual SocMedHE conference always has a crafty edge to it and this year we would like to see our 'attendees' display some Christmas cheer. This could be a jumper, hat, face paint, festive pet, whatever takes your fancy!

To take part, tweet a photo of you and your festive attire with the hashtag #SocMedHE20 at some point on Thursday.

The conference team will collectively choose their favourite festive tweeter and they can win a FREE place at #SocMedHE21, taking place in Glasgow on 17th December 2021.


Make sure to follow the hashtag and @SocMedHE to engage with our programme.


Presenter (s)


10:00 am

Library Services (Charlotte Castle & Tyne Stanley), @OU_Library

Bringing the OU Library Community Together on Social Media

10:30 am

Alice Thompson - Senior Lecturer in Palliative and End-of-life Care, University of Central Lancashire


Chris Melia - Senior Learning Technologist, University of Central Lancashire


Debi Spencer - Senior Lecturer in Multiprofessional CPD and Postgraduate Healthcare Studies, University of Central Lancashire


Nicky Varley - Lecturer in Child Nursing, University of Central Lancashire


Leveraging Microsoft Teams and Flipgrid to enhance social connectivity between students and educators

11:00 am

Julie Nolan, @EHULearnService @LilacLibrarian

#StudyHappy with UniSkills at Edge Hill University

11:30 am

Paul Fenn, @PaulFenn16

Using smartphones to enhance student engagement

12:00 pm

Kiu Sum


Eventually, everything connects...

12:30 pm

Deb Baff, Suzanne Faulkner, Sue Becks, Rachelle O Brien, Sarah Wright and Dawne Bell @Debbaff @SFaulknerPandO @SueBecks @rachelleeobrien @Sarah__wright1 @belld17

The Importance of Online Support Networks for Educators

1:00 pm

Nina Walker @Nina_Walker00

Using Instagram to cultivate partnership and community within the outduction process for pharmacy students.

1:30 pm

Rebecca L. Barron & Linda K. Kaye


Self-regulation strategies of smartphone use during university self-study

2:00 pm

Hannah Summers @strathspeechies

Using Gather.Town to facilitate and encourage a sense of community at Strathclyde SLT

2:30 pm

Sarah Honeychurch @NomadWarMachine

Who cares what we do? The importance of an audience for open learners

3:00 pm

Gary Kerr @DrGaryKerr

TikTok as a tool for providing pastoral and academic support to students

3:30 pm

Thank you and goodbye. See you in Glasgow next year!