Psychological Sciences & Health

Speech characteristics of Scottish people aged 60 to 79 years

This project is interested in the speech characteristics of typical, healthy Scottish people in the age range 60 to 79 years.

Specific interests are, for example, rate of speaking, loudness of voice, pitch of voice and precision of articulation.

The aim is to analyse speech samples from approximately 50 people to obtain a good representation of what is typical. The speech samples you provide will be used to build this representation.

We will then compare the speech of other groups of people in the same age range. For example, we would like to make a comparison with the speech of Scottish people who have the difficulty know as speech ‘dysarthria’ following a stroke.

You’ll receive a £5 shopping voucher for taking part.


  • natives of Scotland whose first language is English
  • reasonably good health with no significant neurological, communication or memory impairment
  • lives in the community
  • have adequate vision and hearing with any required correction
  • be willing to allow a short audio and video recording

The researcher is very willing to visit you in your own home for the purpose of making the audio and visual recordings.


For more information, please contact Margaret Muir: