Equally Safe in Higher EducationAcknowledgements for the Intervention Initiative

This toolkit was commissioned by Public Health England(PHE). Its development was funded by PHE and the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol). 

We are grateful to Dr Helen Mott and Dr Rachel Fenton from Unversity West Of England for all their support and guidance.

The toolkit began life as an extension of the “Get SAVI” project developed by Scottish Women’s Aid and UWE are particularly grateful to Scottish Women’s Aid and to the team who developed their programme, for allowing UWE to use many ideas from Get SAVI.

Details of the groups and individuals who contributed to the development of the Get SAVI programme.

This toolkit draws on a number of resources from the USA and elsewhere. UWE review of the literature took as its starting point the review by Dr Anastasia Powell for the Victoria Health Promotion Foundation.