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Opportunity to study in New York

International Exchange

The Department of Social Work & Social Policy has a well-established exchange programme with the Silver School of Social Work at New York University. 

Every second year, Strathclyde students and staff travel to New York for a two or four-week study module - 'L5113 International Perspectives in Social Work' (20 credits) comprising an exciting mix of classroom-based sessions, agency and cultural visits alongside social outings. In exchange, every alternate year, New York students and staff enjoy corresponding study and Scottish hospitality.

This opportunity is usually offered to first and second year undergraduate students but is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate social work students, space permitting. For more information, contact Graham McPheat.

Feedback from students who have participated in this exchange has been consistently positive. In the most recent edition in 2023 it recorded a 100% overall satisfaction rating in the module evaluation. Extracts of feedback from students included:

  • "I found the module very interesting, it was an incredible experience and want to thank everyone that made this module possible."
  • "I felt like we were exposed to a completely different setting which would help us in practice and throughout our remaining time on the course. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing different perspectives, the lecturer material and more radical ideas. This would be a module which I would recommend to anyone who gets the chance as I have massively benefited from it."
  • "The feedback we were able to give and receive during discussions was helpful in gaining a deeper understanding of social work in both America and Scotland."
  • "I really enjoyed the social aspect of this module, the majority of the learning was through discussion or by going out into the community which I enjoyed very much."

A photo of the Department of Social Work and Social Policy during a trip to New York University

Department of Social Work and Social Policy during a study trip to New York

Graham McPheat with Social Work students during a trip to New York