Dzimputsi Village

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Dzimphutsi Village, on the East Bank of the Shire River in Chikhwawa District, is a small community located next to the main road, skirting the foothills of the Thyolo escarpment.

The community falls under the care of Chief Dzimphutsi and is serviced by the health surveillance assistant Mr Conex Manjolo.

Essential Statistics:

  • Population of 445 live in 124 households
  • 61% household coverage for latrines with a high proportion appearing to have hand washing facilities in use.
  • Community is serviced by 2 functioning boreholes and 2 gravity fed taps
  • Community is home to a small private secondary school (East Gate Foundation)
  • Committees present in the community include: Forestry Committee, Irrigation committee, Village Health Committee and three water point committees Refer to the village profile for full details.

Dzimputsi village scene