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Mfera Health Centre is one of 12 health facilities in Chikwawa offering primary health care to rural communities. Based approximately 20 km from Chikwawa District Hospital on the East Bank of the Shire River, the facility services a population of 19, 562 over an area of 15 square km.

The health facility was built in 2004 to increase health access to the communities in this area. Since that time it has suffered from structural issues (the incorrect roofing materials were used in initial construction) and lack of medical equipment and furniture provision.

When SCHI began working in Mfera in 2013, the facility had one medical assistant, two nurses and one senior health surveillance assistant as permanent staff. This has now increased (2015) to two medical assistants which it is hoped will improve the health services provided. A further 17 HSAs work in the surrounding communities to support preventive health services.

SCHI are supporting the health facility in three key areas:

(1) Infrastructural improvements.

This includes the replacement of the roof for the out patients and public health departments.


Mfera repairs

Mfera repairs


(2) Provision of medical equipment to improve service provision.

This includes benches for the HIV testing and counselling centre, and bicycles to allow health surveillance assistants to carry out their community activities.


Mfera provisiom
Mfere provision

(3) Capacity building to improve skills based and team working within the health workers based and supervised from Mfera Health Facility.

HSA carries out immunisations after being trained on IMCI, and participants from training on client care celebrate the completion of their 2 week programme 

Mfera health workers
Mfera health workers

The areas of capacity building have been identified from the needs of the surrounding villages, and the feedback from health workers during community profiling and focus groups discussions. This formed the basis of a health worker assessment (link report here), and the subsequent training plan.

Specific training targets in 2013-2014 included:

  • Youth Friendly Health Services
  • Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses (Community Case Management)
  • Client Care and Communication
  • Record Keeping and Housekeeping
  • Transformational Leadership Refer to reports for specifics of training.

Refer to reports for specifics of training.