Liwonde Village

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Liwonde village scene

Liwonde village falls under the care of the Village Headman Liwonde and the health surveillance assistant Godfrey Tcheleni.

The village is located 2kms from Mfera Health Facility where the community can access primary health care services including maternal health services.

Essential Statistics:

  • Population of 745 people living in 126 households (some households located in other villages but see themselves as belonging to Liwonde)
  • 60% household coverage for latrines
  • Community is serviced by 2 boreholes (1 with a washing facility but poor drainage) and 2 gravity fed taps located within the village.
  • Community is located just off the main East Bank Road next to Chinkole.
  • Distance to the nearest health facility is approximately 1 km.
  • Committees represented in the community include: Village Health Committee, two Water Point Committees (boreholes and taps), Bee-keeping Committee, Forestry Committee, and the Agricultural Committee (DAPP and Evangelical). The committees report to relevant field workers and the Village Development Committee.

Refer to the Liwonde Village Profile for full details.

Liwonde village scene