Matumula Village

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Matamula Village Scene   Matumula village is located along the road from Thabwa to Fatima and is serviced by a Health Surveillance Assistance by the name of Navichi. The HSA resides in Kalonga village. The village chief’s house is located at 16°3.332’s Latitude and 34°51.679’E Longitude.

Essential Statistics:

  • The village has a population of 575 people who reside in 146 households.
  • 71% of households have latrines
  • Distance to the nearest health facility is approximately 3km
  • The village is serviced by one borehole
  • Committees working in the village include water point committee, village forest committee, DAPP committee Water point committees (WPC) for the borehole, Village Health Committee (VHC), Committee for the ELDS, Committee for ASCAR

Refer to the Matumula Village Profile for full details

Matamula Village Scene