Ndelema Village

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The community falls under the care of Village Headman Ndelema and the health surveillance assistant Grant Mpemberera. This is the most remote village of the SCHI area in a hard to access area on the Thyolo escarpment making some of their issues specific to their situation.

Essential Statistics:

  • Population of 108 people living in 28 households.
  • 62% household coverage for latrines.
  • Community is serviced by 1 borehole, which also serves neighbouring villages.
  • Community is located 4kms off the main East Bank Road. It is on a hill, accessed by a small road, during the rainy season only off-road vehicles can reach the village.
  • Distance to the nearest health facility is approximately 10kms.
  • Committees represented in the community include: Village Bank (for women only), Borehole Committee/Water Point Committees, Nursery/Forestry Committee, Chicken committee (group village level) and Village Health Committee

Refer to the Ndelema Village Profile for full details.

Ndelema village scene   Ndelema Village scene