Solomoni Village

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The community falls under the care of the Village Headman Solomoni and the health surveillance assistant Godfrey Tcheleni. The village was established in 2001, since a misunderstanding some households moved to “new” Solomoni. Other Solomoni households located “up the hill” are now under Ndelema.

Essential statistics

  • A small population of 47 people living in 14 households.
  • 52% household coverage for latrines.
  • Community is serviced by one working borehole built in 2008 (one is broken).
  • Distance to the nearest health facility is approximately 2 kms.
  • Most houses are built from mud bricks and grass thatch, a few have burnt bricks
  • The only vehicles in the community are bicycles.
  • Committees represented in the community include: Village Health Committee, Water Point Committee, Forestry Committee, and the Agricultural Committee (DAPP and Evangelical).

Refer to the Village Profile for full details

Solomoni Village Scene