Maize Mill Repaired

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grinding maize yields three times more food

A Food for Work Programme was instigated in September 2002 to repair a water powered maize mill in Mlowe which is in the north of Malawi. Machine grinding maize yields three times more food than hand grinding, yet since 1980 villagers had been hand grinding maize or using an old diesel engine to power the mill, but this was very expensive and diesel was often difficult to procure.

A barrage, river bank reinforcement, water channel, mill pond, tail race and new water wheel were constructed by the local workers. On-site training was provided and the maintenance of the water powered mill is now entirely undertaken by the local people without any outside assistance.

The work cost some £15,000 which was funded by special donations to the Malawi Millennium Project, with specialist materials supplied free of charge in Malawi by companies from Germany and South Africa.