Equality & DiversityEquality Impact Assessment (EIA)

The University, in common with all public authorities in Scotland, has a legal requirement to ensure that its policies and practices do not disadvantage or discriminate against people and to consider how it can use policy and procedure to advance equality. This is a key element of our vision to be a socially progressive university that makes a positive difference to the lives of its students and staff, to society and to the world.

Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) is a systematic and evidence based process which helps the University to make sure that our policies and practices are the most effective that they can be for our students, staff and the wider communities they affect. 

Why do we conduct Equality Impact Assessments?

Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs) allow us to determine:

  • The extent of any differential impact of policies/procedures upon different groups;
  • Whether that impact is adverse;
  • Any alternative measures to remove or minimise the adverse impact;
  • Any opportunities to advance or promote equality through policy/procedures.

When do we conduct Equality Impact Assessments?

  • Early in the development of a new policy or procedure or
  • Early in the review process of an existing policy/procedure.

EIAs should be conducted by the people most closely involved with the development of the policy or process

The University has recently reviewed its Equality Impact Assessment process and developed a new EIA Tool, which provides a step by step process for determining potential equality impacts of policies and procedures.

For more information, please contact equality@strath.ac.uk.