Disabled and Neurodiverse Staff Network

The Disabled and Neurodiverse Staff Network

In alignment with the University of Strathclyde's commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, the Disability and Wellbeing Service worked to launch the Disabled and Neurodiverse Staff Network in May 2022.

We believe the network provides an opportunity to build a more diverse and inclusive university community, and to enhance support for and visibility of disabled and neurodiverse colleagues at Strathclyde.

Who is the network for?

The Disabled and Neurodiverse Staff Network is for staff who identify as, or feel they may potentially be, disabled or neurodiverse, have experienced health-related issues, or who have experienced mental health issues. Allies are welcome in the network, however, please note that some meetings or events may be held exclusively for the network members.

Meetings and events

The network meets regularly (the frequency is currently being determined and may change over time), providing the opportunity to network with other disabled and neurodiverse colleagues and share experiences, information and knowledge. The network drives its own agenda, and members therefore have the opportunity to suggest topics for discussion, contribute to the topics discussed and suggest guest speakers.

Network meetings will be held online via Microsoft Teams (or via Zoom, where necessary). We may from time to time organise occasional in-person events or gatherings, in line with the latest government and University advice regarding Covid 19.

Members will receive meeting, event and other information via email and Teams.

Become a member of the Disabled and Neurodiverse Staff Network

Join us to build a strong, supportive community!  Current members are drawn from across the university, including academic, professional and other services.

We are committed to ensuring our meetings and events are accessible to disabled and neurodiverse colleagues and allies. If you have any queries or specific access requirements to enable full participation in the Network, please get in touch with us.

If you are interested in finding out more, or in joining the network, please contact Doug Ross – Staff Disability Adviser: douglas.ross@strath.ac.uk.