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About the Careers Service

  • We provide careers information, advice and guidance to help students and graduates achieve their career goals
  • We provide seminars, both within courses and centrally, to help students identify career options, understand the labour market and their skills, find opportunities to develop their skills and experience and how to prepare for the recruitment process
  • We provide 1:1 careers information advice and guidance sessions through bookable appointments to help students and graduates individually. (Please note there can be a substantial waiting time for these at busy times of year).
  • Our Careers Support Team work to provide opportunities for students and graduates to network with relevant employers and industry professionals 
  • Choosing a career and information about different career paths and industries
  • Advising on postgraduate study
  • Making applications, including writing CVs and going to interviews
  • Access to UK and Worldwide graduate and work opportunities 
  • We do not recommend students to employers: we can help you to find out about employers and to make applications for jobs, but we do not have any special influence with employers
  • We cannot provide specific lists of employers recruiting people from your country or your degree subject
  • We are happy to give advice on the structure and content of your application forms and CV, but we cannot write it for you. Neither do we offer a proof-reading service for your applications, although we will point out any areas that need improving. Your application must be in your own words and employers will expect graduates from a British university to have a good command of the English language
  • We are not qualified to give detailed advice about your entitlement to work in the UK
  • We offer advice and information in good faith.  YOU must take responsibility for your decisions based on that guidance.

Students : All students, from your first day at University right through to your graduation can use the Careers Service.

Graduates: All graduates may use the Careers Service for up to 5 years after graduation (where we are able to help, bearing in mind that our core expertise is with immediate graduate labour markets and further study options).

Prospective Students: We are unable to provide a Careers guidance service to prospective students, although they are welcome to use the resources on our website, particularly our guide for Prospective Students.

Discontinuing Students: If you choose to leave your course you may use the Careers Service for up to 6 months after you leave

If you are graduate of Strathclyde, within 5 years of graduation, you may use the Careers Service.  

We have a dedicated Careers and Employability Consultant for each of the four faculties here at Strathclyde University.   

Meet them here 

If you are experiencing any difficulty with MyCareer (our online careers booking system), then please email yourcareer@strath.ac.uk in the first instance.   One of our technical support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

CV check 

These appointments can be booked online through MyCareer or by emailing yourcareer@strath.ac.uk 


Guidance appointments

To book a careers guidance appointment, please email yourcareer@strath.ac.uk.  It is helpful if you can provide a little information about what you need to discuss so that we can ensure you are offered the most appropriate support.


Practice interview appointments

Requests for practice interviews should be emailed to yourcareer@strath.ac.uk .   


Find out more about what these different types of appointments offer.

It is really important that you arrive for your appointment on time.  

If you are more than 10 minutes late for a guidance appointment (5 minutes for a CV check), you will not be seen and you will need to re-book an alternative appointment.


If you are unable to keep your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer the appointment to someone else.   Last year over 50 people simply did not show up for appointments and this is not fair either to the Consultant or to your student colleagues who are waiting to book.

If you fail to attend an appointment or event that you have booked this is now recorded on your MyCareer profile.  If you miss 2 bookings, we will suspend booking privileges for a period of 30 days.

CV check appointments booked online

You may book one CV checking appointment every 4 weeks


Guidance appointments

After your first appointment, your Consultant will indicate when it may be appropriate to make a follow-up appointment

You can find out about what we do and the services we provide here 



For tips on how to find a part time job check out our Finding a part-time job leaflet, available to download from MyCareerHub Strathclyde or pick up a copy in th Careers Service.

We can also review your CV for part-time work.   Book online on MyCareer


Part-time jobs in and around Glasgow are advertised by the Strathclyde Union Jobshop



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