Scottish Graduate Fair How to register

The Scottish Graduate Fair is the largest graduate recruitment fair in Scotland. A variety of high-quality employers, postgraduate recruiters and organisations use this vital opportunity to promote their internships and graduate opportunities to potential applicants.

This fair is FREE to attend and is open to ALL university students and graduates from across Scotland!

we are currently in the process of organising our 2024 fair.

More information will be available in the coming months.

Top tips for attending the fair

Before the fair

View exhibitors: Check the exhibitor list and Guide and make note of the exhibitors whom you wish to visit.

Research exhibitors: Find out what this employer does, their products, their graduate opportunities any recent announcements. Use websites to check the nature of their vacancies and their entry requirements. Think of sensible questions to ask.

Be mindful: Think about what you are going to wear. Formal/ smart causal is recommended

Starting conversations: Think about how you will introduce yourself confidently to exhibitors. Avoid generic questions like “what do you do?”

Practice "promoting yourself": Think about what sets you apart from the competition. What are your key strengths and skills? What are the key things you would like others to know about you? Provide examples.

CVs: Take CVs if you wish, but it is not vital. Some recruiters may not take them as they require on-line applications. If you do take a CV - be prepared, make sure there are no typos and that all your details are clear and accurate.

Take notes: Of exhibitors answers or their names in case you need to follow up later.

On the day

Talk about yourself:

  • be positive
  • talk about why you're interested in the company and what you can bring to it

When asking questions:

  • be enthusiastic
  • take notes so you don't forget what the exhibitors are telling you

After the fair

  • review your notes
  • follow up on any contacts you've made
  • confirm any dates discussed (e.g. closing dates, company events)
  • connect with any contacts you made on LinkedIn
  • visit the Careers Service at your University for further help

Making the most of the fair

Looking for work experience? Many exhibitors offer internships, placements or Insight Days, including increasing numbers target at first and second years. They are really keen to attract early years students to apply for them.

Taking up these opportunities enhance your CV, gives you an insight into an organisation and helps you decide if you want to join them after graduation. Competition for places is strong so:

  • check out the exhibitors’ websites and the opportunities on your Careers Service website
  • know what you want and what you can offer
  • introduce yourself positively and ask sensible questions
  • attend employer presentations, networking events and other campus events

The Fair is a great opportunity to plan ahead in your job search. Use the event to:

  • learn how many vacancies do NOT require specific degree disciplines but are open to all
  • talk directly to employers to get an insight into their organisation and selection criteria, discovering more than you can get from their website
  • get advice from the experts on how to improve your jobs search techniques
  • meet representatives of several universities to find out about further study

At this early stage in the year, employers will not be interviewing you for their vacancies (that comes later in the selection procedure), but research done now will save you time and effort later. It also allows you to refer to information picked up at the Fair in any future interview, demonstrating you have properly researched the company.

Your Careers Service is in regular contact with a wide range of employers. Check with them for other first
semester activities which they might be organising to help you plan ahead:

  • attend employer presentations on campus
  • go to relevant careers information events/fairs
  • access the thousands of vacancies on your University’s Careers Service Website

To get the most out of the Fair, you need to be organised and well prepared. Be realistic. No matter how brilliant you are, no-one is going to offer you a job on the spot. Organisations use the Fair to raise their profile and identify suitable candidates for their vacancies. Those that impress may receive invitations to attend follow up recruitment events with individual employers. To make the right impression, you should:

  • be clear what type of work you are looking for and why you would be good at it
  • use this brochure to find out which employers have relevant vacancies
  • research the employers that interest you BEFORE attending the Fair, so you can impress them with your awareness; use your University Careers Service website, employer websites and brochures
  • ask questions about information you can’t find on their website

The Fair will be busy so you will only have a short time to make an impact. Asking vague questions or being unclear about your career interests will not entice employers to hire you.

You can take copies of your CV if it is impressive, to give to employers, but be aware that most recruitment is online. So concentrate on impressing exhibitors with your  knowledge of their company and your enthusiasm for their opportunities. Show them why they shouldn’t forget you!

Terms and conditions

Please follow these terms and conditions:

  • never record/ take a picture of an employer without their consent
  • be Mindful of professional etiquette and use appropriate language - avoid slang and jargon
  • dress appropriately; formal/ smart causal is recommended
  • by registering to attend you agree that the organiser reserves the right to stop you from entering and/or remove you from the in-person fair if the organiser, in its sole discretion, determines that your participation or behaviour creates disruption, offence or hinders the Fair or the enjoyment of the Fair content by other attendees
  • by registering to attend this fair, your data will be shared with the fair organiser; University of Strathclyde Careers Service


Fire regulations 

There are no planned fire alarm tests on the day of the fair therefore if an alarm does sound, please treat it as genuine, and make your way to the nearest Fire Exits in a calm and orderly manner.

Please familiarise yourself with the fire exits (green running man signs) and follow these to exit the building. The Events team will assist in the building evacuation.

The Assembly point is towards the East of the building in the direction of High St, on the corner of Shuttle and George St. Please wait in the garden area until you are informed by a fire safety officer that it is safe to re-enter the building.