Scottish Graduate FairVirtual fair

5 October 2022, 10am to 4pm

You can also register via the CareerFair plus app:

Create an Account to officially register for the event. (If you already have a profile, please ensure it is updated).

Once registered, you can view what companies are attending, favourite the exhibitors you wish to speak with and start booking appointments once they're open.

Booking appointments will open in September.

Please note, any CV/resumes uploaded will be shared with recruiters that you have appointments with.

Also, please note that by signing up to attend this virtual fair, you're agreeing to Career Fair Plus Terms & Conditions and the Organisers Terms and Conditions, these can be found below.

All information relating to this year's fair can be found below!

Using the CareerFair Plus app

You can attend the fair via the web browser or download the app. On either platform you can start looking through the employers that will be attending the virtual fair without needing to create an account.

When you're ready to start booking appointments, you will need to create an account and build your profile. Watch this video to see how to create an account. Please note, if you have used Career Fair Plus before, you just need to ensure your profile is up to date, you do not need to create another account.

Make sure you build a complete profile that includes your CV/resume as well as other relevant information. This is the profile employers will see when you make appointments to meet them, so you want to make a good impression!

Please note, any CV/resumes uploaded will be shared with recruiters that you have appointments with.

By registering to attend this fair, your data will be shared with Career Fair Plus and the Fair organiser; Strathclyde University Careers Service. 

Booking Appointments will open in September! 

As you browse the employers who will be at the virtual fair, you can book appointments to meet with them virtually.

  1. Tap on the employer you are would like to meet with and then tap 'Virtual Appointments' to see the schedules they have available
  2. Select the schedule that you're interested in; employers may have multiple schedules
  3. Select a time that works for you, and hit 'YES' to book the appointment slot

If you are not signed in, you will be prompted to sign in. If you have not yet created an account, you must do so at this stage in order to schedule appointments.

Don't forget, appointments are first-come, first-serve, so if there is an employer you want to meet with, don't wait to book an appointment with them!

  1. Open the app and log into your account
  2. Make sure you can access your virtual appointment bookings
  3. Check the interaction type listed under the schedule for each of your appointments. You can view this by clicking through to the schedule, and checking under the employer name, as below:

Screenshot of schedule in CareerFairPlus app with interaction type highlighted under the employer name.

For Schedules using Career Fair Plus's in-built Video Meeting Rooms

Important: If the interaction type says Video Meeting, the appointment will take place on our integrated video meeting platform. In this case, please click Join Meeting from one of your scheduled appointments and test that your video and microphone are working. You may need to grant/request permissions if it is the first time you are using the platform.

For Schedules without Career Fair Plus's in-built Video Meeting Rooms

Make sure you check the interaction type, so you know what to expect on the day of the fair, whether it's a phone call, or an external link (Zoom, Skype). If there are additional instructions provided on the schedule for candidates, these might give further details about how you can expect the recruiter to contact you.


You're all set to go! On the day of the fair, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Log into the app and sign into your account
  2. Access your virtual appointment bookings and meet with employers
  3. Use the app to help you track your appointments and make notes

Here's a video walk-through of a virtual fair using our in-built video meeting rooms to help you better prepare! 

Please see below instructions on how to use the apps navigation bar to ensure you haven’t missed out on anything.

 Navigation panel with Event Information, Employers tab, Fair Prep tab, Meeting Tab and More tab

  1. Employers tab:
    1. Here you will be able to see who is exhibiting
    2. You can favourite employers who you want to book appointments with
    3. Click the Blue “Meetings box” on an employer’s name to see what times they have available
    4. Choose who you want to speak too and select a time
  2. Fair Prep tab:
    1. You will find information on how to help you prepare for the fair for both before the fair and on the Day fair information.
  3. Meetings tab:
    1. Here you will find all of the appointments you have booked. Please ensure you remember these timings and do not miss them.
  4. More tab:
    1. Other resources are available here such as:
      1. Announcements – check these to see if the organiser has provided information about the fair
      2. Career Fair 101 – Dress the Part, Attendee Conduct, Practice your elevator speech and Impress the recruiter
      3. Check for Updates – Good to refresh the app to see if there is anything new and important.

Please note any details, CV/resumes uploaded will be shared with recruiters that you have appointments with.


Group meetings & 1-on-1 meetings

Group meeting schedules are intended as the virtual equivalent of a 'walk-up' at a physical fair. These Group Meetings can be used for general chat, Q&A sessions or mini company presentations. Attendees can sign up for both a “group meeting” and individual scheduled appointments.

Group meetings

  • No specific time slot to choose
  • Can join the meeting at any point within the meeting times
  • Possibility of other candidates being in the meeting or speaking with multiple recruiters
  • Designed to be less formal meeting, like a drop-in session at a physical event

1-on-1 meetings

  • Must choose the desired time slot
  • Must join at your designated time
  • You'll be the only candidate during this meeting
  • Can be more formal given the private nature of the interaction

Terms & conditions

Please follow these terms and conditions:

  • never record or screenshot a video meeting with an employer without their consent
  • be Mindful of professional etiquette and use appropriate language - avoid slang and jargon
  • dress appropriately and ensure your background surroundings are appropriate
  • registering to attend you agree that the Organiser reserves the right to remove and/or cancel your appointments from the Virtual Fair if the Organiser, in its sole discretion, determines that your participation or behaviour create a disruption, offence or hinders the Virtual Fair or the enjoyment of the Virtual Fair content by other attendees
  • by registering to attend this fair, your data will be shared with Career Fair Plus and the Fair organiser; University of Strathclyde Careers Service
  • please review Career Fair Plus Terms and ConditionsPrivacy Policy before registering for this event