Careers Service International internships and placements

Having the opportunity to work abroad is great for your personal development and your CV. Employers will be impressed with the fact that you have managed to live in a different culture, use your initiative, develop your independence and enhance your communication skills.

Things to consider:

  • timing: most Strathclyde students will be looking for an internship between July and September.; it's essential to check the timing of an internship - it may not fit in your summer vacation period
  • cost:
    • the internship may not be paid; unpaid internships are common in some countries
    • whether you have a paid or unpaid internship, you must consider other costs, for exmaple, flights, travel insurance, health insurance, visa costs, living costs; it's likely that you as the intern will have to pay most or all of these
    • it's common for agencies/organisations offering to set up an international internship to charge programme fees; it's essential to calculate all costs and charges before deciding on whether to accept an international internship
  • eligibility: do you need a visa? is there enough time to organise the visa?
  • language: do you need to speak the language of the country? can you work in English?
  • advertising: when are internships likely to be advertised? it may not be the same as in the UK
  • applications: what is the application method? does your application need to be in the home language of the country; what does a CV or resume look like for this country?

Working in Europe

You’ll need a work permit to work in most EU countries if you’re a UK citizen. The GOV UK website has advice about Work in an EU country with links to UK-based embassies, and guides for living there, for every EU country.

Summer internships

Saltire Scholar Undergraduate Programme prepares university students in their penultimate year of study by undertaking commercially valuable projects in Scotland and all over the world. These internships are fully funded.

Erasmus Intern advertises a wide range of summer internships in Europe. The platform is aimed at students studying in Europe who receive academic credits, or additional financial support from their university, for doing an internship. Please ensure you meet the visa requirements for working in the host country and are properly paid.

Eurodesk Opportunity Finder: Internships Traineeships and internships (duration varies depending on programme) for both student and graduates.  Some may be unpaid.

IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) This programme offers Internships for science, engineering, technology or applied arts students.

RISE RISE stands for Research Internships in Science and Engineering. RISE Germany offers undergraduate students from North American, British and Irish universities the opportunity to complete a summer research internship at top German universities and research institutions. RISE Germany is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.

British Council: Internships in China

Placements and year out opportunities

Vulcanus in Japan The programme consists of industrial placements for EU students. It starts in September and ends in August of the following year in order to accommodate the academic year in EU Member States.

British Council Teach Abroad as an English Language Student (Language Teaching placements are for either 6 months or 1 year)

Eurodesk Opportunity Finder: Internships Traineeships and internships (duration varies depending on programme) for both student and graduates. Some may be unpaid.

Marketing your international experience to employers

When you return from your international internship/placement you'll want to update your CV so that you can market your international experience to employers. Check out our International Returners Handout (DS login).