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University vacation periods are a good time to earn money and gain experience, The summer provides several months when you can work, travel or volunteer full time, while the Christmas and Easter breaks offer a few weeks to get experience. Even if it is not related to your degree or future career, vacation work is excellent for developing transferable skills which employers want: team working, initiative, problem solving, communication skills and others.


Have you decided what country (and city or region) you want to go to?

Do you speak a language and want to use it?

Are you looking to learn a language? Summer language schools may be an option. See our section on Study Abroad and International Summer Schools.

Cost - some vacation programmes (eg summer camps) have programme fees.  In addition to these, you will most likely have to pay for flights, visas, travel insurance, health insurance, and accommodation.  Have you budgeted for these costs?

Do you know what type of experience / job you are looking for? This will help you target your search more effectively.

Do you need a visa?

Working in Europe - immigration rules for UK nationals post-Brexit

You’ll need a work permit to work in most EU countries if you’re a UK citizen. The GOV UK website Work in an EU country has links to UK-based embassies, and Living in country guides, for every EU country.

What kinds of jobs are available?

Working at a children's summer activity camp.

Hotels & holiday parks may all need staff for busy vacation periods - check their websites or ring up and ask.

Tourism, ski seasons & summer resort jobs.

Agricultural work, fruit picking etc.

Work in shops, bars and local businesses may be easier to find once you are in the country. However, you must have the correct visa before looking for work.

These links will help get you started: 

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LEOLingo Sprachcamps fur kinder (Teach English at language camps)

American Village camps in France


The Good Life France

PGL Activity Camps  


Au Pair agencies

Aupair Butrfly

Aupair Paris

Aupair world

Be my nounou

WARNING: Always check the reputation of the company before signing up

Prospects Working Abroad - each country page has a section on summer jobs - a work/travel website

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See also:

Advice before travelling

The FCDO (Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office) website gives up to date travel advice for British travellers.

The UK Government Travel Aware campaign aims to help British people to stay safe and healthy abroad.