Graduate access to Careers Service online resources

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Graduates eligible to use the Careers Service are eligible to have accounts for MyCareer, MyCareerHub and our Careers Toolkit.  As each of these systems is delivered by a different provider, it is necessary to setup a graduate account for each system which you would like to access.


If you used MyCareer (events and appointments system) as a student, then your graduate account will automatically be set up (an email will have gone to your university account around the time you completed your studies).   If not, then use the sign-up link to create an account.   

Under our data protection policies, graduate accounts generally expire after 12 months.  Should you wish to use the Careers Service for longer then please ask staff, who will be happy to extend your account.

If you have not used the Careers Service for some time, your account may have been deleted. Please use the sign-up link to create a new account.


MyCareerHub Strathclyde is the Careers Service online vacancy portal.

Graduates with an account on MyCareer may also access MyCareerHub Strathclyde for a range of internship and graduate opportunities.

Your username is the username also used for MyCareer.  Use the reset password link to set an initial password for MyCareerHub Strathclyde.

Should you experience any difficulties accessing MyCareer or MyCareerHub Strathclyde, then please contact us.

Careers Toolkit

The Careers Toolkit offers a massive range of help including the Interview360, CV360, psychometric tests as well as career planning and career assessment tools.

To setup a graduate account for the toolkit please email

**Updated for 2022 - My Graduate Career - a career development programme for Graduates on our Careers Toolkit**

The Careers Service has developed a programme to support you and your career development as a graduate. It includes a range of activities for you to work through from exploring your options, reflecting on your skills and experience to date, to providing you with support with recruitment processes and starting work. There are 8 sections in total, you can either work through the whole programme or go straight to the sections that are most relevant to you.

Log in to the Careers Toolkit using the Alumni option and select My Graduate Career in the toolbar at the top of the screen.