The Careers Service

The mission of the Careers Service is to enhance students' and graduates' career prospects.

We draw upon our professional expertise in the context of higher education:

  • to enable students and graduates from diverse backgrounds to develop the personal skills, aptitudes and experience required to make appropriate career decisions throughout their lives, complementing the learning and development provided by academic colleagues;
  • to enable academic colleagues and University managers to make effective use of labour market intelligence and incorporate employability in their academic planning and work with students;
  • to enhance the reputation of the University of Strathclyde as a preferred source of high quality graduate and student talent;
    to work with graduate recruiters to updates students and graduates on any changing recruitment trends
  • provide a quality, comprehensive careers education, information, guidance and job search consultancy for students, appropriate to their needs during their course and after graduation;
  • provide a consultancy service to the University on guidance, employability and recruitment issues and to academics on changing labour market trends and graduate destinations;
  • work with academics to integrate careers education and employability within the curriculum;
  • promote a proactive, informed, professional consultancy service to employers on the benefits of partnership with Strathclyde and effective means of recruiting students and graduates;
  • add value to employers' contact with the Careers Service by linking them to other university departments and staff appropriate to their recruitment needs;
  • be open to learning from best practice amongst other careers services and practitioners in the field of graduate recruitment

  • For full details of our services for Students and Graduates go to our website
  • We are not qualified to give detailed advice about visas or your entitlement to work in the UK: see the sections on working and planning ahead for some useful contacts to help with these questions
  • We do not recommend students to employers: we can help you to find out about employers and to make applications for jobs, but we do not have any special influence with employers
  • We cannot provide specific lists of employers recruiting people from your country or your degree subject
  • We are happy to give advice on the structure and content of your application forms and CV, but we cannot write it for you or correct all mistakes in spelling or grammar, although we will point out any areas that need improving. Your application must be in your own words, and employers will expect graduates from a British university to have a good command of the English language.