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Once you have decided on your chosen career, you need to start finding jobs to apply for. Except for academic jobs, there is no specific job market for PhD graduates. Put your research skills into practice when looking for jobs. 

Academic jobs

There are three main approaches to academic job search:

  • applying to advertised vacancies for research or teaching positions
  • making funding applications to create your own research position
  • networking to uncover jobs that are not advertised. Or to improve your chance of success with the other approaches

Plan so that you don't miss deadlines for funding or opportunities for networking.

Advertised vacancies

It's vital to keep track of advertised jobs, research fellowships, teaching fellowships, and lectureships. Ensure you check or set up alerts for job portals.

Do not limit yourself to "advertised vacancies"

The ‘hidden job market’ accounts for a large proportion of jobs available. Make sure that you do not limit yourself to a narrow range of resources during your job search. Many positions are never advertised publicly. They are instead filled through internal advertising, speculative applications, word of mouth, or via contacts:

  • use Networking to uncover jobs that are not advertised or to improve your chance of success
  • use Social Media to access the hidden job market

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