Careers ServiceYour rights at work

The Careers Service aims to vet vacancies so that only appropriate ones are advertised. We aim to give you as much information about a vacancy as we can. This can include hours to be worked, location of work, and pay rates. Though you may be working on a part-time or temporary basis, you do have rights at work. You are protected by some new UK and European legislation.

Entering the world of work will introduce you to some new and challenging situations. Everything should work out so that you and your employer both enjoy the work you do.

When you start a new job you need to check your terms and conditions of employment, including:

  • how much you'll be paid
  • how you'll be paid (for example, cheque, bank transfer, cash)
  • when you'll be paid (for example, weekly in arrears, monthly in arrears)

In addition:

  • keep full contact details of the company/employer should you need to contact them
  • keep any wage slips you get
  • check the number of hours you'll have to work for jobs with "variable or casual hours" and check how often you are likely to be offered or expected to, work

Visit the Gov UK site to check your rights regarding:

National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage

Every worker, aged 16 or over, is entitled to receive the National Minimum Wage. You must be at least aged 23 to get the National Living Wage. Check current National Minimum Wage rates on the GOV UK site.

There are some exceptions to these rules. Find out who gets the minimum wage.

For information on minimum wage, and advice on your earnings use the ACAS website: Advice for employees and employers 

If you come across an employer who has advertised via the Careers Service and who does not pay the minimum wage, or the wage stated in the job advert, please report this immediately to us.

Anyone can make a complaint about an employer who does not pay the minimum wage. See the GOV UK website: Complain about pay and work rights.